Expectations and Headbands

Expectations and Headbands

As a child I grew up with Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast. The flawlessness of their lives was what attracted me to their stories. They had seamlessly obtained happiness through that faultless man they had in their life and the life that came with it.

Growing up, I knew prince charming didn’t exist. I also knew the realities of a relationship were nowhere as easy as those impeccable princesses portrayed. Even though I knew these things, society had somehow snuck its expectations deep into my thoughts and actions. I had that deceptive perfection, a house, a marriage, and the things that came after were surly on the way. Guess what? Society’s expectations are wrong, plain and simple.

After my divorce I had many moments I would like to call temper tantrums. “This is not my life! This is not how it was supposed to happen. I should still have my house, I should still have my dog, and maybe that guy that came with it.”  After my brief moment of insanity I reminded myself I left for a reason. Life’s expectations do not meet my own expectations, and did not result in happiness.

Happiness is such a funny thing. Since readjusting my expectations I discover pleasure in the small things. It isn’t the roses or jewelry that makes me happy. I don’t need a mansion or a lavish car. What I need is time, thought, and consideration. I need moments like this morning to bring joy and excitement to my life.

It was an odd morning. I’m not sure the snooze button was used once (most morning there is a full hour cycle of snoozes((not by my doing I assure you)). The significant other and I awoke in a surprisingly cheerful mood. He played with the cats as I pretended to bake something intricate in the kitchen. Suddenly, one of my headbands zipped by my face and I couldn’t hold back the noise of shock that escaped my lips. GAME ON, I thought reaching for the head band and quickly shooting it back at him. The next few moments were filled with chasing each other about my studio apartment, jumping on furniture, smashing my ankle into the chair, and falling into his arms in hugs and laughter. Take your store bought gifts and your expectations, I chose moments like this to fill my life.